Couple’s Portrait Shoot


The Reasons Why

There can be many reasons to have photos taken with your loved one. Valentine’s Day and engagement are some of the most popular excuses. Other occasions can be anniversary, birthdays, graduation, upcoming wedding and many more. A reunion after beeing apart for a while – for example one of you coming back from studying or working overseas – calls for celebration as well. Many times people don’t even need to have a reason to have couple’s photos taken. These special moments captured make beautiful memories you can treasure for many years.

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How it Works

A couples photo shoot is usually a one hour session. If the wife or girl-friend would like to have professional hair and makeup, it takes approximately an hour so they can expect a 2-3 hours session. Images can be captured in the studio or at location as well. I’m happy to go to a beach or a favourite park or to the client’s home.

As always during my portrait sessions, I experiment with different backgrounds, lighting setups and outfits. At the pre-shoot consultation we discuss together what they should bring and wear for their session. It is always a good idea to have some light and some dark coloured outfits at hand. At the beginning of the shoot we always make a plan which outfits should go with which backgrounds and poses.

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I love using my hand painted classic brown canvas background for couples photos.

engagement photographer

I usually leave my favourite dark grey seamless paper background for last.

Further details

After their portrait shoot I ask my clients to come back to the studio about a week later for their viewing session. This is when I present the images to them on my big screen and they get to choose their favourites. They will have the choice to order museum grade mounted – or mounted and framed – fine art prints, canvases, a portrait box or an album. They all come with digital collection as well. All my clients treasure these beautiful artworks as special memories.

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Give the Perfect Gift

Is there a birthday or annyversary coming up? Why not surprise your loved one with a beautifully presented photography gift certificate. Have an amazing and fun experience together and keep wonderful memories for the years to come. Visit our online shop to see what we offer.

Please call Janette on 0431 591 096 if you have questions or get in touch via the Contact page.

For online bookings please click the button below. You can book a free consultation, the portrait session itself or schedule a phone call or meeting with the photographer.

If you would like to see more of my Glamour Photography work please visit my Galleries.

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